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Brain, Mind, and Developmental Psychopathology in Childhood, part of the International Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions' book series "Working with Children & Adolescents" edited by Elena Garralda and Jean-Philippe Raynaud, aims to help advance knowledge on the connections between brain, mind, and development psychopathology in children and young people, an area of high relevance across different contexts around the world. It outlines brain mechanisms underlying children s ability to regulate behavior, emotions, interactions with others, responses to stress, and child psychiatric disorders. The book contains expert views supported by empirical evidence, and there is an emphasis on drawing out the clinical implications. It brings together knowledge from a variety of disciplines on bodily and brain processes that underlie developmental and psychiatric disorders in children and young people. Chapters include conceptual and empirical discussion of the biological and psychological influences on developmental psychopathology in childhood, clinical updates focusing on the biological underpinnings of individual child neuropsychiatric disorders as well as integrating biological and psychological therapies in child mental health. The book also discusses broader psychological/social problems, with chapters on the effects of child maltreatment in the developing brain, an update on understanding and management of self-harm, and advocacy papers on learning disorders and child and adolescent mental health.

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