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What if you were a biographer and had four months to exhaustively research your subject, and you took over a thousand pages of transcribed interviews, and then tried to distill what you've discovered down to 10 pages or less?That's what the profiles in The New Yorker do, and Lahr manages to do this in a consistently readable way. If you know a lot about the subject in question anyway (for me it was Woody Allen, Frank Sinatra, Arthur Miller and Eddie Izzard) then you don't get many new insights from these profiles, but if you are less familiar with some of the subjects (I know David Mamet's work very well but not his life, for example) then the profiles are especially good. Also, the author is the son of Bert Lahr (the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz) and he does a profile on his famous father, which was interesting.

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