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Short inspiring read about how people see something they don't like about the world and then work to change it, often with 15-minute "mini-miracles."Seo is an inspiration - and gives us no excuses to get up and do it! Each chapter has words of practical advice, examples from his life and inspiring examples from the real world. Also lists many resources, which probably need to be updated.But at the end of the book he gives his website for current web addresses.

"There's an old saying that money can't buy love. I disagree. Money, when used to create mini-miracles can buy love: a new roof for a family . . . You may find this unbelievable right now, but the more money you give. . . the better you will feel about yourself.It's the easiest path to self-improvement and happiness." p. 138

"Instead of guilting them into action, rephrase your approach. 'How would you feel if we spent next Saturday morning taking canned food to the food bank? I could really use your help." p 207

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PublisherAtria Books
Release date 03.12.1999
Pages count251
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