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The authors purpose is to gain all the listeners to listen to his music that they will end up loving and will cherish for the rest of their lives. Also the author probably wanted people to experiment upon the songs they like and didn't like. The authors point of view is third because it's we he starts talking about people.

The theme of the book is to inspire young men and women to pick up a guitar to learn chords and licks to be able to write their own song and to be able to preformed in front of a crowd.

The style of the book is it is a narration because it describes what happened from the beginning to the end. It started upon how John Lennon and he had lost his dad at a young age. But as the story went on John Lennon has started to form a band with some of the family and friends. Then towards the middle it told upon how he got awards and medals upon being one of the top bands for Rock n Roll and Pop. Then in the end it told upon how they all did their concerts and how they got their album to be produced so it could be published so they could play out and become famous.

My oppiono of the book was that it inspired young teenagers to play instruments so they can write songs of their own. And to believe that if you work hard you can accomplish anything u put your mind to and upon making your own songs you will end up being famous if you work hard and never give up like the Beatles worked hard and never gave up. What I liked about the Beatles they they all worked hard together and never fought or nick picked upon each scone or each other. And they had fixed all their problems as a group so they could sound better when they played out in front of a crowd. I actually loved the book it was just amazing. I wouldn't change anything cause the book is amazing the way it is except for one of them dying but i would take that out but other than that the book was amazing. Yes because it was similar to Janis Joplin cause it told a story about her life and her music career just like the Beetles.

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