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Twelve fantasy stories written before the First World War, including The Machine Stops and a short introduction by the author. I've just read the first, The Story of a Panic which is very funny, scary and bitter tasting as well as a slice of the sheer nastiness of a certain English gentility relayed through the repressed utterances of the odious narrator.

The Machine Stops I read a few weeks ago, and was interested to see Forster say it was a response to an early H.G.Wells story. Earlier in the day, while reading around the political aspects of those strange cutting edge futurologies named extropy, transhumanism and post-human: Wells and science fantasy in general are relevant in part of this consideration. Whatever, it strikes me as remarkable that the genesis of the move towards what is called the Singularity is rooted back so far, and Forster's story of 1909 is prescient.

The Other Side of the Hedge is a sardonic diatribe against the myth of progress. It's brilliantly brief and worth getting off the treadmill for five minutes to read.

And while much of all these stories is somewhat akin to being trapped with G.K.Chesterton on LSD in a celestial elevator, the way in which Forster brings off satirical acuteness with a more generalised disdain for bourgeois small-indedness is remarkable. I'd recommend in particular,
Other Kingdom as representative. It's got all the elements of pandemonic forced lying just the other side of fragile systems, pathways, cultural matrices; some brilliant one-liners, explicit theatrical scenarios, marvellous uses of puns; and not a little on the nature of writing and reading themselves, and the sterilities of bookish fantasies.

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