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Publishing a book today is easier than it has ever been before and the publishing industry is changing from the intimidating New York City publishers to virtually instant publishing available to anyone anywhere in the world.

Even if you want to publish an e-book yourself, it will have expenses if you want to do it right...

Every book needs editing. Good cover design is a must. Even though Amazon.com provides a great website for each book listed, you likely will still want a website and unless you're a web designer with your own hosting company, there will be a price to pay there. You'll likely take some classes or join a club or two to help you with networking and creative ideas for marketing. You might even pay for e-mail lists, twitter campaigns or other help with social media. Once you publish a book, companies come out of the woodwork to 'help' you with it - each one with a cost associated. Of course, please do your due diligence with every expense associated with your book's or website's success. While there are no guarantees, you'll find that some will be worth the gamble.

Very few books can go from start to finish without incurring expenses - if done 'right' and if done with the intent to make money. Very few people possess all the skills necessary to take a book from their head to their waiting public by themselves.

Then if you decide you need help with publishing itself, there are those expenses. If you need the book to be formatted by a graphic designer, then there are those expenses. Do you really know how to write sales copy or do you hire that out? All this is before you print your first book!

So, what if you want to publish and print the book, but you don't have the ability to pay for them? Does the book just sit there on your computer while you wait for your luck to change? Or do you find other ways to get your message out there?

The good news is, any message can be produced in many mediums, and resources exist for each one. Software tools exist for each one. Professionals exist for each one. These days, video is a viable medium on which to publish your message, especially if it is an information product. Audio books are viable products, although they are being directly challenged by the likes of Kindle because of their new audio capabilities. But again, video and audio producers cost money or if you're a do-it-yourselfer, the software costs money.

To create a quality product that people will want to buy, be able to find, and understand will cost money at some point. If you're not sitting with several hundreds to several thousand dollars in the bank ready to pay for all of this, then you're going to have to find a way to get the money for these tasks.

As a publisher of more than 250 books, working with hundreds of authors over the years, we've developed literally thousands of income streams beyond the sales of the individual books. This book is intended to help you see the potential in your book's ability to make money even before it is in its final form. This income will be able to offset many of these expenses and in some cases, completely support the book all the way through the development, printing and marketing processes.

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